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In 1979 Ohio based company little tikes launched their brand new ride-on toy car, the ‘Cozy Coupe’. Over 30 years on and with over 10 million units sold, the Cozy Coupes’ distinctive red and yellow design has become well known throughout the world. Since it’s first creation, the Cozy Coupe Car has undergone 3 main design changes with the little tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary edition being the latest model.

Maybe you’re looking to buy a new or second hand Cozy Coupe car for your child or maybe you just want to find out more about the little tikes Cozy Coupe. This website provides a one stop resource for everything Cozy Coupe related, including where to buy new and used little tikes Cozy Coupes, how the Cozy Coupe Car is made, features of the different models, the history of the Cozy Coupe and more.

The little tikes Cozy Coupe

The latest version of the Cozy Coupe improves on previous versions with the addition of fully rotating 360 degree front swivel wheels, an ignition switch with key, an imitation fully opening petrol cap, a handle molded into the roof making it easy for mum and dad to give a helping hand when pushing their little one along in their Cozy Coupe and a removable floor plate which offers extra support for younger children. The overall look is more modern and with the addition of a pair of eyes on the front of the Coupe, this 30th Anniversary edition has proved to be as popular as it has for the last 3 decades.


Most Cozy Coupe models are suitable for boys and girls from around 18 months and all offer the hardwearing, durable quality that little tikes are renowned for. These ride-on toys have been re-invented to include various new models including the Princess Cozy Coupe (a pink version of the original Cozy Coupe), the Grande Coupe Car (a larger version of the Cozy Coupe with a more spacious interior), the little tikes Patrol Police Car with flashing lights and siren sound effects, the Cozy Taxi (based on a typical American style taxi cab), the Cozy Truck  (a dark blue and yellow 4x4 style truck with off ride styled wheels and a drop-down tailgate) and the special edition Union Jack Cozy Coupe.

little tikes Cozy Coupe through the years



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