little tikes Cozy Coupe

Dedicated to the Cozy Coupe

little tikes Taxi Cozy CoupeCozy Coupe Taxi (Cozy Cab)

The Cozy coupe Taxi comes in 2 different styles. Both styles use the 30th Anniversary Cozy Coupe styling including comic eyes and removable floor plate. The more commonly found style is the yellow New York style Cozy Cab with a Taxi sign on the roof this Cozy Coupe is ideal for children who have visited the States and have shown an interest in the uniquely styled New York styled Taxi's.


little tikes Taxi Cozy CoupeThe slightly less common Cozy Cab is the Cozy Cab Black which comes in black from top to bottom. This model is identical to the yellow Cozy Cab apart from it's colour and can be found online on the Early learning centre website.


Why not personalise your Cozy Cab with it's very own number plate.